36” x 36” x 10”

This was created in 2006 for the Artists for Human Rights NY show presented in conjunction with the Youth for Human Rights Summit at the United Nations.Artists for Human Rights was founded by Actress Anne Archer to unite artists in promoting the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This is the first in a series of 3 depicting different locations on the planet.


"The three dimensional empty straightjacket is incorporated into the painting of Planet Earth where all humanity resides. Does it imply that humanity is enslaved or does it imply that humanity has been released from suppression because the straightjacket is empty? When you view this from a distance, the jacket isn’t easily visible – and so is suppression often disguised and not easily seen. The decision to be free from the vested interests that would enslave humanity for their own purposes lies with every individual’s understanding of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and their resolve to make it a reality. This piece encompasses all articles of the Declaration and addresses the overall intent of The Declaration of Human Rights, which is to let all men be free to realize, without arbitrary restrictions, their full potential." Ron Anderson